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From fine chemicals to pesticides and drugs, chemical manufacturers are rethinking the start–stop batch processing model which has served them for the past 50 years.

The evangelists for this emerging technology point to improved yields, less waste, greater purity of the finished product and, in some cases, a safer process.This will eliminate much of the trial and error for any new application.Corning has a series of Advanced Flow Reactors which allow a range of chemical reactions such as nitration, oxidation and chlorination, and which can be customised.‘It wouldn’t be trivial,’ Tames says, ‘but it would be like a burst pipe – compared to a 5000 litre reactor exploding, which might take part of a plant away.’ ‘You’re not using all your raw materials – hold-up volumes are small – and with our technology there shouldn’t be an accident anyway,’ says Wiles.But if something did go wrong, ‘less material would be lost, because unlike batch, it would never be in process all at once’.

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‘A lot of people won’t even tell our chemists what they are using,’ says Anne Kaaden, business chemist and head of marketing for Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik, a flow chemistry company based in Wendelsheim, Germany.