Good apple the dating game puzzle

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It’s not an independent game, but it complements the game so well that we have to highly recommend it.Developer: SEGA Availability: Sonic Dash 2 on i Tunes App Store (Free) If you like trivia games, there’s nothing to not like in Trivia Crack.What is it and why is the Apple TV the perfect way to play it? For most people, the Apple Watch is a love/hate affair. The Apple Watch has a pretty solid screen and processor, and there’s no reason why certain games cannot take advantage of this and deliver something that’s actually playable from your wrist.Pong Watch Game, as the name suggests, is watch-only game that allows you to play pong against the computer on your wrist.Controls are simple and managed through the digital crown, making for impeccable control that you always need in a game of pong.

There are over 10 different rooms and themes, and it's quite relaxing to play.

This well thought out game offers a broad spectrum of trivia categories, the questions are interesting, opponents can be either your friends from Facebook or random, and just has an element of cuteness that is impossible to ignore.

Instead of being dependent on your i Phone, Trivia Crack can be played entirely on Apple Watch, too.

With a powerful storyline that offers perplexing choices, Timecrest will have you hooked to your Apple Watch in your quest to save Ash’s world.

Oh, and you can at any time shift to your i Phone and pick up the game right where you left it off on your wrist, and vice versa. Availability: Timecrest on i Tunes App Store (Free) Another personal favourite of mine, Elevate is all about training your mind to act faster, improve your writing, make you a human calculator (well, not really, but you get the gist) and the like. Availability: Elevate – Brain Training on i Tunes App Store (Free) Nuggetz is a reaction based game for your i Phone and Apple Watch that will really test your reflexes (and patience, along with). You are shown the name of a color written in a different color, and you have to pick the option that reflects the color in which the writing is, and not what is written.

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And it has a complication as well, albeit not very useful.