Grayson mccouch dating

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Grayson mccouch dating

Eventually Lorna came to her senses and left Grant, and Morgan was there to pick up the pieces. That same night Morgan found out that Lorna had slept with Grant while they had been together previously. Lorna took it badly too, and blamed Morgan for his attitude. FLIRTATIONS Maggie Cory In 1993 Maggie flirted with Morgan at the Daily Grind Halloween party.

While both were quick to come around and apologize for their overreactions, neither seemed to have the heart to continue with their relationship. Cindy Brooke Morgan made romantic overtures to new nurse Cindy, to which she responded.

However, Morgan forgave Lorna for almost ruining his life, and they became friends.

As 1994 progressed, Lorna and Morgan found themselves the objects of Felicia's, Lorna's mother, matchmaking.

Morgan was very hurt and lashed out at everyone before coming to terms with his loss.

DATES Lorna Devon Morgan met Lorna when she came on to him one night at Sassy's.

Today’s “General Hospital” spoilers about Kyle Sloane (Grayson Mc Couch) will be a bummer for fans that were pleased when Robb Derringer was canned and replaced with Mc Couch.

But now, the casting of Kyle Sloane has done a 180 and it’s Derringer who will replace Mc Couch in a strange casting switcheroo (SID). Back in November 2014, Robb Derringer tweeted “Friends I got sad/disheartening news today that my story/character on GH is ending. Thank you all so much” and it looked like was told that the character was leaving the show. He deleted the tweets and you have to wonder if ABC demanded that he take them down.

She came back briefly around Christmastime to give Morgan his ring back and to tell him that he wasn't the one.Morgan didn't know how to handle his feelings over Courtney's rape.He became obsessed with finding the Bayside rapist when he came into contact with one of his victims.They humored Felicia and pretended to be interested in each other, but eventually their play-acting developed into the real thing.Morgan set about courting Lorna in earnest, but he faced competition from Grant Harrison, who was interested in Lorna for his own depraved purposes. Lorna left Morgan high and dry for Grant, which really hurt Morgan's ego.

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Later that night events took a tragic turn as Lorna was raped.

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