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Health effect of teen dating

) was selected for use with parents in Grade 6 because of its success engaging parents in urban communities, effectiveness in reducing youth sexual risk behaviors, and because it builds foundational skills of communication and positive parenting among participants (Miller et al.

was selected for use in Grade 8 for parents because its delivery method (mailed booklets to families) facilitates engagement of parents who may have limited transportation and availability and because preliminary results suggest it may be effective in reducing TDV victimization (Foshee et al.

The teen years are a malleable time during which healthy relationship behaviors can be learned, and preventing relationship violence early may disrupt stability across time and may ultimately prevent IPV in adulthood as well as the intergenerational transmission of violence.

In the future, the ™ framework of delivering high doses of developmentally appropriate prevention across levels of the social ecology may be modified to address the unique needs of other high-risk groups identified in this Special Section, such as young parents or youth who have witnessed or experienced violence in the home.

It may also be modified to reflect the culture of high-risk rural communities.

The initiative seeks to be socioculturally relevant to high-risk urban communities by training communities to make surface adaptations to program curricula.

Adaptation tools developed for will use a data-driven approach to build the capacity of local health departments to implement violence prevention.

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