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“High school and college students around the country continually tell us the #1 reason they never went to their parents was because they were afraid of how their parents would react,” Domitrz shares in Help! Thus, your child will be more likely to find themselves in very unhealthy and even dangerous relationships.Remember you told them that boys/girls are trouble and so they learn to accept trouble as their only option.Even if your child has not participated in any sexual activity, his or her peers have – which means your teenager is hearing about sex from other teenagers (not a good source).What do you say to your teenager to help him/her make safer choices and still have fun dating WITH a healthy approach to intimacy? Have you told your teenager, “If anyone ever touches you or hurts you, I am going to kill him/her”?Discover 3 quick approaches that can be adapted to each child’s personality to help insure they make much better decisions for themselves and in helping their friends at dances and parties at Is your son or daughter currently in an abusive relationship or has he/she been sexually assaulted?Help is available at Hope House’s 24-hour confidential helpline, 800-584-6790.NOW ON DEMAND – AVAILABLE TO WATCH AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE.

"Number two, you want to make sure that they learn that healthy relationships are not filled with jealousy.You want the best for your teen - the best education, the best extra-curricular activities, the best friends. This is often one of the most significant factors in her overall health, yet it’s one of the factors you have the least control over.You send her to a great school, pay for soccer, help her find a great job.Do you remember those awkward conversations often referred to as “The Talk” (if your parents even had the “The Talk” with you at all)?What if you could have a truly effective and meaningful conversation with your teen – AND know your teenager is actually listening?

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  1. I am interested especially in temporal biases in which these learned cognitive categories are not "balanced" according to situations, contexts and demands, but one or another are utilized excessively or underutilized.