Henrik lundqvist dating

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Don't stand behind him with the dog which will of course want attention from it's owner, your boyfriend.

And don't just ignore the camera once you've been noticed.

This info comes from an ex girlfriend of a fellow Frolunda hockey player at the time Henrik was with the team.

Before he was behind the mask, a young Henrik Lundqvist once watched from the stands, quickly becoming enamored with a game as he sat watching Frölunda Hockey Club.

Ok that's not true, I found ONE photo of them with his arm around her. Usually Henrik and Therese just stand next to each other.

I'm sure any of you who've been around enough know about the board

I'm all out of theories and musings for the moment.

Share your theories on the disappearing skin, and whether his girlfriend has him on a tight leash.

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For all of you wanting more info on Henrik Lundqvist's girlfriend, well this post is for you.