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It is reversible so you will choose the side according to your day's mood.Its modern, elegant and feminine cut is for women who love timeless uniques bags.We don’t like to feel contained by social standards, and we may be a bit eclectic, but we like it that way.We certainly don’t judge others for their differences, and we don’t expect to be judged for our own.Eli&Lou's earrings are made from spirally-shaped upcycled Nepresso capsules.The capsule used to make this Ring Leaf was beautifully crushed so that it created a fancy piece of ornament to wear on...

Since we love our freedom, this means that we need a lot of space to make us happy.

We prefer to have our relationships carried out in a hippie fashion that may not suit the needs of some not-so hippie individuals.

If you’ve got your eye on that hot hippie chick, here are 9 things you need to know before you try and court that foxy flower-child who we are.

We will get bored in a relationship that doesn’t provide higher-minded insights .

It’s a must that we feel like we are moving forward by learning and exploring life’s mysteries, so be prepared for plenty nights laid on a blanket under the stars with some nice philo talk! Travel is a must – We definitely won’t jive with homebodies. Whether it’s a walk to the library, a show on the weekend, or a week spent in Italy, we love to get out and see the world!

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Looking interesting and suitable for every outfit, this pair of earrings are also very light to wear, moreover, the uniqueness of these items will surely help you steal some looks.

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