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Cavaluzzi's telephone calls to Raya also began in the third week of March.The telephone calls occurred several times a week from March until November of 2005.For instance, Cavaluzzi stated that Corbitt was not Cavaluzzi's “usual type,” but he “could not stop thinking about” Corbitt; that Cavaluzzi knew Corbitt was not gay, but Cavaluzzi could show Corbitt how, and he would “like it;” that Cavaluzzi liked Corbitt's “baby face;” and that Corbitt was “small and cute.” In addition, Cavaluzzi said he liked how small Corbitt was and the way he dressed, that he liked Corbitt's dark tan, and asked if Corbitt “wore boxers or briefs or nothing.” He asked if Corbitt colored his hair and remarked that it must be Corbitt's “natural color down there too.” He asked whether Corbitt shaved his full body, stating that it looked as though Corbitt shaved his arms.He repeatedly asked Corbitt if he “wasn't bored with the same woman,” referring to Corbitt's wife, asked if Corbitt and his wife “swing,” and told Corbitt to visit specified gay websites, saying Corbitt “should look at them” so Corbitt “could see what he is talking about.”At the same time, Cavaluzzi was allegedly engaging in similar behavior to Raya.

(FYI, profit margins in lumber are less than 10% so it's the hardest department to receive discounts unless the lumber is in terrible shape)Home Depot empowers their employees and allows them to discount specific items up to , no questions ing to buy a can of paint and it's sold out, a Home Depot employee can give you a better quality can of paint for the same price or knock off on a cheaper can of paint.Finally, the Appellants assert that the district court erroneously found that they failed to demonstrate conduct sufficient to constitute the state law torts of outrage or invasion of privacy and that they had failed to show a proper basis for Home Depot's liability for the intentional torts of one of its employees.After reviewing the record and hearing the arguments of the parties, we affirm summary judgment on the claims of hostile work environment sexual harassment, assault and battery, invasion of privacy, and outrage, and reverse on the claim of retaliation. BACKGROUNDA detailed recitation of the facts is necessary to properly analyze the various issues.1.The calls ranged from two to three times a week to twelve times a week from March to November of 2005.2. Telephone Calls Corbitt was the store manager for a Home Depot location in Mobile, Alabama.Raya was the store manager for a Home Depot location in Pensacola, Florida.

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