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Over a hundred of years, “Quality Assurance, Affordable Pricing and Customer Orientation” is still the business philosophy of Two Girls which reveals a cultural heritage and classic style that Two Girls owns.Nowadays, Two Girls is still proud to be one of the traditional local brands in Hong Kong.

Fung immediately spotted an opportunity in the local cosmetics market and realized the Chinese community was lack of fine cosmetics at affordable price.

KSH had also established a one-stop production factory, enabling to monitor self-regulation and control closely.

The Four Kings Product: Florida Water, Hair Oil, Face Cream and Talcum Powder are the best selling in the past as well as at present.

By the end of 19th century, foreign cosmetics were imported into China mainly through the entrepot in Hong Kong, the locals started to recognize the foreign cosmetics.

However, these products were sold at extremely high prices.

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If you wanted to avail there services at your place, they also offers an out call services that usually costs HK$600 for a 60minutes massage therapy and HK$1000 for the 2hours massage therapy.

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