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This is especially true of men in relation to women: men say they want a deep and complex woman, but when it comes down to it, they just get scared off by the intensity of the woman’s personality.

That’s not a bad thing though – deep women are willing to wait for someone who can handle them.

This is intimidating for people because let’s face it, we are all putting on some kind of a show all the time.

Your deep personality requires some maintenance and that means that you don’t like surprises.

This means that people will be always in your dust.

When you speak your mind you are capable of achieving those goals and that makes people pretty uncomfortable; especially when they are comparing themselves to you and your amazing self.

You like to ask questions to get to the heart of a problem, feeling, thought, or event.

When it comes down to it, you don’t have time to waste beating around the bush. You don’t bother to sugar coat things, and see your honesty as a positive trait about you.

Don’t worry, it is, but many people are not going to like it when you tell it like it is, especially if it’s a hard truth about themselves they don’t want to admit.

Knowing what you want means you can get to work faster.

If you find yourself alone more often than not, it might be because of your deep and intense personality traits.

Sure, people love complexity in theory, but in action, it can be really intimidating to other people.

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As a person with a deep personality, you expect others to give as you give, but you’ll soon be disappointed when you find that many people are only “deep” on the surface” and that it is difficult for people to keep up the ruse over time.

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