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Iinternet dating related 40 txt 40

The agency with local jurisdiction is the Land justice administration authority within whose portfolio the competent local court [Amtsgericht] falls.

This provision on jurisdiction may be varied by statutory order of the Land government.

In case of doubt, the power of agency of such a representative extends to all legal transactions that the sphere of business allocated to him normally entails.table of contents The association is liable for the damage to a third party that the board, a member of the board or another constitutionally appointed representative causes through an act committed by it or him in carrying out the business with which it or he is entrusted, where the act gives rise to a liability in damages.table of contents(1) If members of executive bodies or special representatives act free of charge, or if they receive remuneration for their activity which does not exceed 720 euros per year, they are liable towards the association for damage caused in performing their duties only in case of intent or gross negligence.

Section34Exclusion from voting Section35Special rights Section36Convening of the general meeting Section37Convening a meeting at the request of a minority(2) If the request is not granted, the local court [Amtsgericht] may authorise the members who made the request to convene the meeting; it may make orders on the conduct of the chairmanship at the meeting.

If there is a dispute as to whether a member of an executive body or a special representative has caused damage with intent or gross negligence, the burden of proof is incumbent on the association or on the member of the association.

Section 31b Liability of members of the association(2) If members of the association are obliged under subsection(1) sentence1 to provide to another party compensation for damage which they caused in performing the duties of the association, in accordance with the articles of association, that have been assigned to them, they may require the association to release them from the obligation.

Section49Duties of the liquidators(2) The association is deemed to continue in existence until the end of the liquidation if the purpose of the liquidation requires this.table of contents(1) The dissolution of the association or its deprivation of legal personality must be announced by the liquidators in a public notice.

In the notice, the creditors must be requested to register their claims.

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A copy of the order is to be enclosed with the registration.table of contents(1) In case of the liquidation of the association, the liquidators and their power of agency must be entered in the register of associations.

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