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All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Citizens of Israel are totally banned from entry to Iran.

Any citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter Iran needs to have a valid visa (save for certain exceptions).

The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Italy from Iran (historically known as Persia in the west) around 1620.This service is available in Isfahan International Airport (IFN), Kish International Airport (Kish Island), Mashhad International Airport (MHD), Dayrestan Airport (Qeshm Island), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ), Tabriz International Airport (TBZ) and Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA).Passport holders from Colombia, Somalia, USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are non-eligible nationalities for Iranian airport visa.As is the case with the Siamese breed, there have been efforts by some breeders to preserve the older type of cat, the traditional breed, having a more pronounced muzzle, which is more popular with the general public.Hereditary polycystic kidney disease is prevalent in the breed, affecting almost half the population in some countries.

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In order to apply for Iranian tourist visa, you should fill out online visa application form, submit the scan of passport (high quality) and a personal photo.