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Management gave green lights to violating clear-as-day terms and conditions to a point where the majority of IVY employees have been locked out indefinitely from abusing their accounts. And following that, you’re not required to get drinks or go to an afterparty with members that want to “carry on the conversation.” However, why wouldn’t you when the executive team is always harping on teammates to “go the extra mile.” -Job security is a phrase that will never be true at IVY. Teammates are tripped up in the idea that while things aren’t perfect, that’s why you do your job. Sadly, this is why those still there still resort to calling it a “startup...” seven years later and still with still no clear sight as to what direction you’re trying to build towards. Not within IVY’s business model, not for the members that either pay nothing or pay everything to be apart of this community, not in the event space and the “why” factor of them being hosted, and definitely not for you and how to do your job successfully.You will endure a betrayal of upper management that preaches a message of “community” and “family” not only for its members but also within its own walls- for its team. Beri (CEO) is a “visionary” and therefore has a new “game changing” idea every quarter that shakes up the entire business plan and ultimate direction for the company. The only positive that you will hear over and over again from the employees current and former is that through all of this grief, you grow a special kind of relationship with your fellow teammates.In my time at IVY, more than 99% of all applicants were ‘approved.’ THE CULTURE A mix of truly passionate, idealistic people, and sales bros.Some of the people are truly wonderful (and itching to leave) and some are simply too gullible and believe the founder when he throws around buzz words like ‘passion, community, vision, belonging, intellect, arts, inspiration. .’ The NYC office is the biggest office and constantly under judgment.IVY Events are designed to be highly immersive and interactive.Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to engage with important topics and exchange ideas with fellow members.This can keep things interesting, however sometimes pivoting can be difficult and exhausting.The hours are very long, and the budgets and expectations are not often aligned.

Everyone constantly questioning how we can do even better for our customers and ourselves. Ability to receive real time feedback from customers and seeing the direct impact of your work. Cons CEO can just be downright mean, unreasonable, and so headstrong.

Prepare to work hard, even if you don't see the immediate reward.

There is certainly room for improvement within areas like HR, technology and general management, so if you're dependent on rigid, corporate structures I would advice against a place like IVY.

Recent organization into focused teams and constant communication. A lot of good realistic ideas are always rejected because of how headstrong he is. And while the average burnout rate here is unbelievably high, the burnout amongst IVY’s HR individuals that tried to do some sort of good was even worse.

Cut ties with good employees and people who have worked very hard for them as if nothing ever happened. Every time management talks about employee happiness everyone just rolls their eyes, because by now we all know it's a total joke. Advice to Management IVY: textbook definition of toxic leadership, dishonorable business practices, and forever an “idea” that has purely exhausted the majority of employees that have ever worked here. So bad that it has gotten to a point in which upper management simply hasn’t hired back on an HR team.

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Yet, the very next day your teammate could be suddenly let go for reasons never fully understood. You have no choice but to be there for one another because you’re all each other has and the only ones that can understand one another through all of IVY’s bizarre twists and turns.