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While their ages are not given in the Bible, in some evangelical circles they are believed to be an adult male carpenter and young teenage girl.

“There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here,” said Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, defending the notorious former state chief justice’s alleged dates and assault of girls as young as 14.

“That’s what is really fascinating to me.”On Wednesday, an attorney for Moore vigorously denied the allegations against him in a press conference.

Child marriage remains more common in the US than many people think.

Trump of sexual harassment before the 2016 election.

On Friday, when asked for an official White House position on the matter, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that all the women are lying.

“Maybe just a little unusual.”The accusations, and the justifications coming from some quarters, have roiled the ranks of many Evangelicals, and the condemnations have been in most cases unequivocal.

“This is what makes men, there’s a kind of wildness to masculinity,” says Du Mez, citing her research. Testosterone is God’s gift to men – and to women as well, they would say – but you can’t really control it.”As Evangelicals came into their own politically in the 1970s, “they did so in a way that really set them apart from the rest of the country,” says Du Mez.Couching arguments for traditional gender roles as determined “biochemically, anatomically, and emotionally,” Mr.Dobson wrote in his 1980 book, “Straight Talk to Men and their Wives,” he claimed that feminism was altering the “time-honored roles of protector and protected.” In the 2001 book "Wild at Heart," still one of the most influential and popular Evangelical books on family values, the author John Eldredge famously wrote that God created men to long for “a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”The role of women was conversely passive: they yearned to be fought for.according the rhetoric I’ve been seeing within this particular Evangelical subculture.”Echoes of this view of masculinity can be seen in other instances, such as “Duck Dynasty,” one of whose stars advocated dating teens.Last December, Edgar Welch, the gunman who was charged with firing a gun inside a Washington-area pizzeria that was the subject of an online conspiracy theory claiming it was a child sex ring, told investigators that “Wild at Heart” was one of his favorite books, even as he saw himself as a kind of protector hero for young women.

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