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Maybe they don’t get that your hairstyle requires a two-hour bathroom takeover.Maybe they are confused by the potency of Babyfoot.Arabelle: I have an actual beauty closet, with compartmentalized drawers and everything.I would not say I’m low maintenance—I definitely had a two-hour skincare routine for years, and my Instagram Live history is mostly me drunk getting un-ready and doing reviews in my pajamas.I don’t impose the same standards on others as I do to myself. Utibe: I will say, sometimes educating them is a burden.Both parties in a relationship don’t need to be equally groomed. Like, I don’t mind if you do your own research and then get back to me!I can be ready in 10 minutes or less at this point. Utibe: [Laughs] Ashley: When Ben and I first started dating, he hardly washed his face. Arabelle: One, I love that PC retinol; I use it too.

All the Fedex, UPS, and DHL people are my new BFFs because I put them all on a skincare routine and gift them products. Arabelle: My partner knew I was a beauty writer, but we studiously know very little about each other’s line of work, so she didn’t actually know what that meant and still doesn’t. Ashley: I think the last time a guy was kind of surprised by the intensity of my routine was back in college, when I didn’t make it a point to shout from the rooftops that I am a skincare fiend. Utibe: My girlfriend asks me to put this Renee Rouleau Drying Lotion on her face when she’s breaking out!Maybe they don’t understand the power of P50 and just focus on the...smell.There’s only one thing to do in those scenarios: dump them. But now that you’re really listening, ITG thought it would be fun to assemble a group of self-proclaimed beauty diehards to talk about what it’s like to introduce their elaborate routines (and hefty product stockpiles) to a person they’re just starting to date. I’m the senior beauty editor here at Into The Gloss.She quickly gave in to me being in charge of all self-care and bathroom related objects and just lets me boss her around in there, which is really speaking my Capricorn love language. If he would have just asked me like a normal person, I would have recommended something different for his needs.People get self conscious when they realize they’re dating a beauty person.

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