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The sequence of eruption is affected by environmental factors like nutritional status, fluoride content, and socioeconomic status.

Dental caries and premature loss of deciduous teeth (due to trauma, extraction or related disease process) will hasten the eruption of the permanent counterpart.

The mandible showed more number of polymorphisms with I1 M1 type being the most common type of polymorphism.

This vast time period encompasses a host of variables most significantly, physiological (like heredity, constitution, geographic factors, sex, race, nutrition, stress, hormones), pathological systemic factors (systemic diseases and genetic disorders), pathological local factors (local impediments to eruption, hypodontia, lack of space), and the ambient influence of climate and food availability.

Several researchers in many areas of the world have studied the eruption patterns. in their textbook have documented that a study in Denmark (from Koch et al. 1991) has reported that Caucasians have a delayed time of eruption. With a current population of 1.2 billion people, India has been documented as hosting human civilization since at least the 7th millennium BCE.

Genetics plays a primary role in determining the growth pattern as evidenced by numerous population-based studies which show variations in the timing of emergence as well as polymorphisms in the eruption sequence.

Females in general show faster emergence of teeth and gain the full complement of permanent teeth 0.14–0.79 years ahead of males.

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Table 3 shows the consolidated list of polymorphisms that exist in the maxilla and the mandible.

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