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Women like that were bad, according to the Harveys.And for all intents and purposes, I believed that nonsense.Or what she thought about me spending overnight visits at her house.Don’t get it twisted: his mother was cool enough, but I was tired of being the reason why she was yelling at him all the time for daring to have company when he was barely helping out around her house. Now this is no shade to the brothers out there with a dollar, a dream and real life motivation.He was sweet and upbeat, talkative and seemingly driven.

And in fact, despite his proclamation that his address was temporary, his own mother snitched that he had been actually living there two years prior to the beginning of our relationship.Did I also forget to mention that Struggle Bae didn’t have his own car and couldn’t even get a squatter because he credit was too bad, which meant I had to drive him around everywhere? Nor did he own a suit and some nice shoes – not necessarily because of lack of money but because, in his words, “I’m not about putting on airs.” And also he once turned down a promotion and a raise at his job, which would have been the kickstarter needed to get himself out of his mother’s house, because he didn’t want to turn into a “corporate drone.” Eventually I would stop listening to the Harveys of the world and told Hobo Joe to take his handkerchief bindle and hit that chow line. If don’t nobody else care, Tupac cares – but mostly from a distance.And if there are any job leads or other opportunities, I will be certain to pass them along.His smile turned sideways and his eyes bent into a squint, “What kind of security? After all, conventional, male centered wisdom is that women often times pass up great guys on the come up in blue collars, for half-way decent ballers and other bad boys, all because they got a little extra change. No this is not a golddigger’s anthem, but rather an acknowledgment that for some of us ladies with bills of our own, romance and finance goes together like steak and cheese. And nobody – and I mean, NOBODY – has time to front you and me at the same time.

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Firstly, I’m not quite sure yet if my “looking for”-list is complete. And the only thing they can spare is what’s swinging between their legs.

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