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tldr A list of fast and effective how-tos for anyone encountering XML Zone: web Before the weekend started, I had a good friend of mine ask me for assistance with an XML document.

Listing B The example in Listing B also shows the logic necessary for stepping through the rows and the XPath to get the individual cell's values.

Before I hung up the phone, they mentioned it would be great to get a refresher on how to use XML with LINQ (Language Integrated Query). I thought it would be a great post to give a cheat sheet, or "cookbook," of techniques on how to use LINQ with XML.

The number of applications still using XML is vast and new developers aren't as experienced with LINQ-to-XML.

During a boring work meeting this week, I realized that I'm a Code Monkey, not a Data Architect.

This idea struck me when it was revealed that a portion of a system's daily input would be coming in the form of an Excel file, and it was my job to update the database.

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Since I'm a Code Monkey, I decided to write some code. These three facts helped me come up with my answer: I decided that LINQ, which makes manipulating XML and a relational database easier, would be a good solution.

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