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Even though it was one of the most challenging times of my life, my parents getting a divorce was ultimately in the best interest of their health and happiness.In hindsight, I think it was brave of Mum to take those first steps away from her family, staying with a close friend until she worked out her next move.

I suppose 'buzzing and chirping' is a nice way of saying "my mother spoke loudly and openly about sex a lot". You see, my mum's a relationships and sexuality counsellor who specialises in working with people on the spectrum of disability.She has been known to embrace 'circular dating' (dating multiple people at once to determine which are worth pursuing) and took to Plenty of Fish with gusto (I should know, I took her profile picture).Basically, she's under no illusion that we're predestined to find : "How else do you get to the two and the three?While things were really sad for what felt like a long time, having the opportunity to rebuild as individuals ultimately brought out the best in both of my parents and, for a while, they were doing so well on their own. They were both strong in their own ways, on their own two feet.One more lesson I received from my mum is to jump back on that horse - both my parents have since found love with beautiful (and far more compatible) people.

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Part of what I respect so much about my mum's work is her steadfast belief that everyone deserves to experience dating, relationships and love.

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