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Pull the mat upward, without pulling the skin and using either the comb or your fingers, grasp the base of the mat above the skin.

Helen suggests if the mat is starting to get out of control, to not use scissors, but instead use the seam ripper.

Once the hair is loosened, use the comb and gently comb the hairs apart.I had to make friends with her quickly, Helen said.Somewhere in her moggie-mixture, she must have Persian in her.Her long hair would mat every time I looked at her!Mattie, a beautiful, grey and white long-haired cat is one of three socialized feral cats that Helen brought with her when she moved from California to Oregon.

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By the time all the invitations are issued, the mat can be quite large.

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  1. But before he can ride off into the sunset, Nick is pressured to do one last job by his mentor and business partner, a flamboyant and extravagant upscale fence named Max (Marlon Brando).