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Manson – who is now said to be romancing 24-year-old model and photographer Isani Griffith – was overheard speaking about Dita at his first solo art exhibition, which includes a watercolour painting of his ex-wife.One guest at the Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition revealed to the New York Daily News newspaper: “Marilyn was saying he ‘still pines for Dita’ but is ‘extremely angry that she took the dog’.” [From Female First] The exhibit also included three watercolors of his current “special lady friend”, as Manson referred to Isani Griffith.

He once admitted that marriage is not his thing but he has been involved in some serious relationships and few hookups.One of his last serious relationship was with photographer Lindsay Usich which was revealed in 2012.In 2015, during an interview with ‘Beat magazine’, Manson revealed that he has turned single recently but Manson and Usich have been seen together in successive years.Manson didn’t refer to Isani as his new girlfriend, per se, instead saying, “I really don’t want to start the next chapter of my life by burdening someone with being the solution to my problems.” I’m betting Evan Rachel Wood wishes he would have had that kind of deep insight and regard for others before dragging her into the last chapter of his life.Besides only being 24, Isani isn’t Dita, and therefore isn’t going to be the solution to any problems Manson has.

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Manson was married to Costume Designer Dita Von Teese.

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