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By now, Araceli was a part of me, and to be on American soil while watching the unsettled current of a skinny river flowing between Juarez and Araceli's dream, stirred me to realize how heartbreaking it must be for so many families on the other side.

They can almost physically touch their dream, but often die trying, spiritually and physically.

She studied ballet in Vienna, and then moved to Michigan in 1993, where she continued to train in various forms of dance.

Lusha spent her childhood chiefly in Albania, Hungary and Austria.

This reportedly established Lusha as a TV veteran by the age of 20.

She co-starred as the passionate and rebellious character, Carmen Lopez, for five years, on the syndicated Warner Brothers series, George Lopez.

All three elements of storytelling carry one vital philosophy - to offer universal insight, and many instances, hope and therapy to those who absolutely need it.

Since I was a very young girl, I loved people, I adored their intricate behavior in society, their emotions, their instinct, their fire.Lusha has also written and translated poetry in English, Albanian and German.In 2006 Lusha founded the nonprofit, Children of the World Foundation, which shelters, educates and promotes healthy communication between family members.In a sense, I was portraying her, right down to her facial expressions.This film was my tribute to my mother's integrity and strength.

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On every film, whether it be the location or the material, I learn something -- oftentimes about myself.