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Mate 1 intimate dating model

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Definitions of sexual desire are broad and understandings of sexual desire are subjective.

In a study conducted by Regan & Bersched (1996), when asked to freely define sexual desire, 90% of both male and female participants defined the phenomenon consistently with theorists’ definitions of sexual desire; however, despite the tendency for men and women to describe desire in similar ways to clinical definitions in terms of motivation, men and women have been found to characterize the goals of sexual desire differently.

It has also been suggested that women are more likely than men to develop a “relational” or “person-centered” orientation to sexual desire, whereas men are more likely to adopt a “recreational” or “body-centered” orientation to sexuality.

Neurobiological substrates responsible for sexual desire (libido) and romantic love are distinct, as are those responsible for attachment.

Though sexual desire and romantic love may be experienced together, it is important to note that the two are mutually exclusive in that the presence of one is not sufficient to predict the presence of the other.

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It is believed by many that sexual desire plays an important role in romantic love and that it may be an extremely important factor in strengthening the interpersonal dynamic of romantic relationships; Over the course of history and across cultures, a number of different types of love have been described.This is one explanation for why sexual desire tends to be so strong at the beginning of relationships and may account for why its presence or absence can reflect the strength of commitment between partners.However, it should be noted that research has also shown that romantic relationships can exist in the absence of sexual desire, even during the beginning stages where they may be at their most romantically passionate.Companionate love is a much less intense form of love, where desire for proximity and resistance to separation become less urgent.This form of love is influenced by feelings of attachment, commitment and intimacy, but is much less anxious than passionate love, and typically nurtures feelings of security, care, comfort By motivating proximity seeking behaviour, sexual desire promotes contact, and this may eventually foster commitment.

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Sexual desire in the absence of love has also been suggested as largely motivating the pursuit of short-term mating strategies rather than initiating long-term commitments, with love however, sexual desire correlated with increased sexual satisfaction.