Microchip updating

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Microchip updating

Microchips provide a permanent, non-removable means of pet identification that will not fade or be lost over time, as can occur with tattoos or tags.Your information can be accessed immediately, ensuring the rapid return of your lost pet, avoiding delays, which can occur with other methods of pet identification.I suppose it's my fault but have been several days looking for update instructions or menu option to do so and can't find.

If your email address has changed, please contact us to update this for you so you can continue to access your pets details online.Did you know that the microchip is only as good as the information associated with it?If you have moved or changed your phone number, then your lost pet may not be able to return home.But not every story ends so happily with almost 20,000 domestic animals coming into the care of RSPCA QLD as a stray or via our Animal Ambulance the need for up to date identification is so important.What you should do to maximise your pets reclaim potential.

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