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And, every once in a while, a girl actually agrees to go out with me.

Then, once we go on a couple of dates and I start and she made all of the 'moves...' I really had nothing to do with it.

And, of course, she broke up with me too after a few months because she said I was 'too boring' and 'too nice.' I don't even know what that means." Well, it means that Steve had a serious problem: He was unable to make women FEEL STRONG EMOTIONS for him and that made it impossible for him to attract women the way he wanted to.

Now, according to Steve, being friend-zoned by Vanessa was even more frustrating than usual...

Steve finally got angry enough that he decided to handle this part of his life once and for all: "I HAVE TO solve this attracting women thing or DIE trying..." He said to himself that night.

And at that exact moment, Steve committed himself to learning the art of attracting women no matter the cost...

If ALL FOUR of them are present, you will spark and amplify a woman's attraction for you...The problem with that for Steve: George Clooney's simply too rich and famous to relate to. He just wasn't sure he could ever learn how to inspire intense attraction in the women he REALLY WANTS..least without completely changing his personality or pretending to be someone he's not. "It sounds like you're already pretty good at building RAPPORT with women...And that's when he met me at the conference and asked me if I might be able to help him out. Now, you just need to learn to spark some ATTRACTION with women in a way that feels natural to you and you'll be good to go." "And, listen," I continued, "Attracting women is a SKILL... Would you feel bad about yourself if you didn't magically know how to play the guitar? You'd just get a guitar teacher if you wanted to learn how to play.what to do and exactly what not to do at all times to make her want you: If you do what it says, she's don't, you'll drive her away guaranteed. You’re such a great guy but I just don't see you that way. "Listen man, I'm a decent-looking, fairly normal guy with a good, steady job..I really don't have much trouble making friends with women or men... I first met Steve at a conference in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska... According to Steve, she's a dental hygienist and also volunteers her time at a summer camp for kids with cancer every summer. Her response after a long, uncomfortable pause: “I'm sorry Steve...

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