Ogel cams

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Ogel cams

A big thanks to for the backstory (I added a few extra details for extra spice).

Ogel is the world's most dangerous criminal mastermind, but he wasn't always a soulless monster. He was very kind to his colleagues and was well-known.

But most of the time, when none of them are in use, it sticks out as a hook (not unlike Captain Hook).

Now, he's coming with multiple schemes to destroy Alpha Team and rule the world.

The Alpha Team vehicles' colour scheme was also completely redone, featuring black, greys, white, and sand blue, as well as various transparent colours for smaller details.A few years later he murdered them both while their daughter helplessly watched, and he chanced his name to Ogel.One night, years after the incident, he became the tyrant he is now, capturing countless people and turning them into slaves with his evil mind control orbs.The first wave also consisted of three antagonist minifigures: Ogel, the primary antagonist, and two Skeleton Drone minions.Each Alpha Team member, as well as Ogel, had a distinct colour theme to them, such as red for Cam and grey for Dash.

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He found the daughter of the two scientists he murdered (Cam) and kidnapped her, taking her to his hideout.