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Old guy dating younger women

This comes from generations of bad stereotypes where the financially-challenged young girl uses her charms to seduce an old, dying billionaire to get to the good stuff when he dies.This is pretty unfounded, since relationships with a large age gap aren’t exclusive to septuagenarian one-percenters. Well good news: they are interested in dating you, too.Younger women are primed and ready for an older man to come along and sweep them off their feet.] #4 Older guys who are attracted to younger women are perverts.No, as long as the guy is attracted to a woman of legal age.We have all pre-judged an old-guy-young-woman couple at least once in our lives.

Older men find keepers, not sexual flings, because if they did, they could have settled for an escort service rather than a relationship. ] #2 The younger woman is only in it for the money.

To learn why that is – and what it takes to successfully attract younger women – read on.

Why women date older men At every age women tend to be attracted to older men. One reason is that older men have more life experience.

Older men hooking up with younger women is probably as old as time itself.

You might have come across a distant memory of a boring history lecture involving kings, aristocrats, or some other important figure having married someone many years his junior. but with the added bonus of hushed whispers of gossip and intrigue, questioning the motives of both the man and the woman.

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For women, dating an older man comes with a lot of benefits other than money.