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Online dating for greeks

Or is it because we ourselves have been accused of not showing love for someone?And why is it that, even when we don’t fully understand what exactly love is, we tend to make decisions–good and bad–based on love?Take, for example, the difference between lust and love.Lust is a temporary desire fueled by an increased release of testosterone and oestrogen–it lasts for a little bit, then you normalize and it’s gone.In fact, 88% of Americans cite love as being the top reason they choose to get married, so it’s easy to acknowledge that the idea of love plays a pretty big role in all of our lives.But, because love takes on different forms, we can each experience love in our own way, which is why defining the term ‘love’ is so complicated.

Some of us direct our love toward God, or celebrities, and we can hold love for our neighbors, country and objects.

Are you a Greek single looking for a meaningful relationship with someone who shares the same cultural values as you? Being a part of the Greek community, you may well feel that you’ve dated people in the past who didn’t quite match up to the qualities you seek in a partner.

If so, Elite Singles is a great place to get your search underway. Perhaps they didn’t have similar views when it comes to raising a family?

Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans.

It’s bigger than us, meaning, though we can invite it into our lives, we do not have the control over the how, when and where love starts to express itself.

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From the scientific point of view, love is a powerful and permanent neurological condition.

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