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My wife had organised to stay at Lacey’s house which she had done a couple of times over the years. I got a text from my wife around nine in the morning saying that she would be home later in the afternoon as she still wasn’t fit to drive.

I responded that she must have had a big night out and she informed me that they had not got back to Lacey’s place until two in the morning. She clearly looking tired and she took herself off to bed in the late afternoon after a shower, her snoring quickly echoed through the house. I never check my wife’s phone, but in the space of about 5 minutes she seemed to get about a half a dozen or messages come through.

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I guess we were only staying together for the k**s.

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Lacey was divorced and after a man hating period, was now actively looking.

My wife assured me that she had mentioned this proposed evening to me before, but I had no recollection.

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I suspect us men in general who feel this way when faced with this circumstance can’t explain it. As I was holding the phone, another message came through from a number I didn’t recognise.

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