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Outdated rules for dating

It’s time to bring an end to these saying once and for all.Here’s to keeping an open mind when it comes to the dating world and not putting everyone into a simple little box.It might have been imprinted in your brain that every relationship has to “lead somewhere”.

Stepping into any relationship requires you to know your own priorities first.And then somehow these “rules” were repeated over and over again and people started believing them to be the truth.Just because they are repeated doesn’t make them worth while.But if you think that this stigma forces you to be more passive than you would prefer, then it’s time to break out of it and take a leap.If you have had an amazing first date then text him first.

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And, I’m sure it doesn’t come to much surprise that we most likely also have outdated shirts and jackets and purses. Old boxes under your bed with outdated CDs and movies. And, don’t get me started on pictures that we can’t bear to throw away.

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