Problems with radio carbon dating

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It can be used on objects as old as about 62,000 years. Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes. Most carbon on Earth exists as the very stable isotope carbon-12, with a very small amount as carbon-13.

Here’s an example using the simplest atom, hydrogen. Carbon-14 is an unstable isotope of carbon that will eventually decay at a known rate to become carbon-12.

As we mentioned above, the carbon-14 to carbon-12 ratio in the atmosphere remains nearly constant.

It’s not absolutely constant due to several variables that affect the levels of cosmic rays reaching the atmosphere, such as the fluctuating strength of the Earth’s magnetic field, solar cycles that influence the amount of cosmic rays entering the solar system, climatic changes and human activities.

In The Cosmic Story of Carbon-14 Ethan Siegel writes: The only major fluctuation [in carbon-14] we know of occurred when we began detonating nuclear weapons in the open air, back in the mid-20th century.

Most radiocarbon dating labs have liquid scintillation counters for radiometric dating and accelerator mass spectrometers for AMS dating.

Bottom line: Radiocarbon dating is a technique used by scientists to learn the ages of biological specimens from the distant past.

A technique for measuring the age of organic remains based on the rate of decay of carbon 14.

It assumes the concentrations of carbon-14 and carbon-12 have remained constant in the atmosphere over billions of years.'' '' ''This is false.

It assumes the amount of carbon-14 being presently produced had equaled the amount of carbon-12, so that it had reached a "balance" that does not change.

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