Rekindling a dating relationship

Posted by / 13-Mar-2020 10:48

We have read of a study where researchers instructed married couples to spend ninety minutes a week on a date with each other.

The couples who did this tended to enjoy their marriage more than couples who did not take time out for regular dates.

With some high profile examples of couples rekindling apparently dead romances, Intro’s Rena Maycock contributes to this Irish Independent article discussing if we should ever go back for seconds.

Just tell him you aren't interested and that you have moved on.

The researchers then divided the dating couples into two groups.

They challenged one group to do “exciting” activities that appealed to both the husband and wife, like attending a concert or play, and physical activities like hiking or skiing.

There’s been no word from either of their camps, but a look at their past might shed some light.

Jolie and Farrell were claimed to have had a fling while filming Considering the two never went public, we can’t help but be a little skeptical.

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” I need—and want—to reserve some of my best energy and focus for our weekly date.

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