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To up the chances of this happening, book your flight so it coincides with their usual naptime (and then pray that there’s no delays! If you’ll be taking multiple flights, aim to have the longest leg of the journey coincide with their nap.

The best place to sit on a plane with kids is debated by parents.

I try to counsel families about ways to make travel with babies a little easier without using medicine.The less time your kids have to spend on the plane, and the quicker you can get to your destination, the better.Sites like can help you sort potential flights by travel time so you can find the shortest flights and routes.And some children get wired or hyperactive instead of sleepy when taking such drugs!Even more important is that, with any medication, there can be dangerous side effects, such as a fast or irregular heartbeat, seizures, and changes in blood pressure.

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You can also check for more details about the seating arrangement of the plane.

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