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My mummy always says to me,when how nana,getting irritated by the 3 pussy cats in their Bhilai Rajarah home,owned very fondly by my mummy and mausi and nana,took the tree of them in a sack and thrown the sack into the wilderness across the railway line,very far away,but the pussy cats returned the next night again to their home,same home,where my mummy and mausi is,there in Bhilai Rajarah.

Pussy cats has the ability to come again to their brought up place by the ability of their animal instinct to smell and find.

My daddy married my mother,one year after their meeting,beause my daddy wanted his youngest sister, Baby aunty’s marriage to be happily finish before his marriage day on October,1987,comes.

My daddy had little baldness right from my birth,but his personality is great. I admired my daddy from my childhood and made him faces. My mummy,is the most beautiful,among her cousin sisters,but she could not make out an actress,on screens,herself for her,due to the time differences,and she was called by her college mates in Bhilai,for her expressions co inciding with actress, Rekha;[Rekha,is the hindi actress who had love relation with actor Amitabh Bacchan,and this actress is who said to Aishwarya Rai’s mother, Vrinda Rai,during her childhood,that Aishwarya would be a successful woman in her future].

I am living in the 3rd planet of so-called Solar System,in a planet named Earth[Bhooma, Bhoomi],which revolves around the Sun.

And in Earth[Bhoomi],living in the largest land continent of Earth,that is, Asia,in that in a country called, India,near to Indian ocean, Bay Of Bengal and Arabian Sea,in the 21st century of Anno Domini,or this century is called 2000s.

My parent's wedding anniversary is on 25th October,1987[].

My father was born on 24-1-1960 and my mother was born on .

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I do not know,whether nana left it again their home,witnessing the innocence of those pussy cats.

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