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The little girl had put the doll's bonnet on backward.

Mary fingered her long brown hair as she thought of her sister.

With each act of submission, the Amish follow the lesson of Jesus when he died on the cross rather than resist his adversaries.

But can a community govern itself by Jesus's teaching of mercy alone?

Others are slow to investigate or quick to let off Amish offenders with light punishments.

Once a sinner has confessed, and his repentance has been deemed genuine, every member of the Amish community must forgive him.

"It did not matter how hard I tried to hide," Mary would explain in her letter to Mast, which she also sent to other Amish clergy. They are a people apart, removed in place and arrested in time.

"If I ran upstairs to go to bed or to hide because I was at home with the boys, I'd be locking my door and turn around and there was someone crawling through my window. They reject the corruptions of modernity-the cars that have splintered American communities and the televisions that have riveted the country's youth.

The Amish want to be left alone by the state-and to a remarkable extent, they are.

They don't fight America's wars or, for the most part, contribute to Social Security.

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