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Further analyses demonstrate that more educated and wealthier youth transition later than their less educated and poorer counterparts.

The findings from this study can be used to inform programs seeking to serve young people based on their varying reproductive health needs in different contexts over the adolescent and young adult years.

Kenya's High Court has finally delivered its ruling on a potential reversal of a colonial ban on gay sex by upholding the archaic law.

Among SSA young people who are in school, these transitions may be delayed relative to young people who are no longer in school [2, 3].

Notably, these decisions are also being made within a policy and regulatory environment that may be more or less supportive of behaviors such as delayed marriage or contraceptive use at an early age or out of union [7, 13].

Few research studies on youth in developing countries use longitudinal data to examine simultaneously the sexual and reproductive health transitions of young people.

In 2015, nearly one-fifth of the population in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) was young people between the ages of 15–24 [1].

This is a large population that will undertake important sexual and reproductive health transitions over the next decade.

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Numerous individual-level factors, including education level, religion, employment status, school enrollment, age, and family living arrangement influence the decisions that young people make [12].