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Speed dating is appealing because it does not require that you dedicate an entire date to someone that you have realized you are not interested in during the first few minutes.However, at the same time speed dating relies on powerful first impressions.” or saying “tell me about yourself,” reach for something more.Ask them “what is the most exciting thing you have done, recently?Be different and stand out from the men around you.Instead of asking questions like “what do you do for a living?Be mindful to ask the right questions and say the right things.Prepare material beforehand so that you are not fumbling for things to say.

With such a short time to make an impression, each woman will make judgments based on your appearance.Make sure that you look put-together and clean so that she sees that you take care of yourself.Approach each short date is a chance to get to know the woman across the table rather than viewing it as an opportunity to showcase yourself. Women are more likely to remember these behaviors than they are to make a mental note of your hobbies or career. Expressing genuine interest in the things that each woman is saying is an attractive quality that they will remember.Even better, they allow you to meet and engage with a large number of women in a short period of time, maximizing your opportunity to experience a spark.Speed dating still comes with its fair share of challenges so keep these tips in mind before delving into the game.

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