Students attitudes on interracial dating

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In addition, there are those who comment on the many challenges that face such couples due to their different backgrounds and experiences. Bans against interracial marriage have occurred throughout history in other countries, such as South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Even though such laws are no longer on the books, a number of major organizations work openly or behind the scenes on pro-racist goals and activities.

Moreover, this is already the 21st century, I believe it's time that everybody should open up.however older people may still have the old outside of your culture may be difficult sometimes to understand the language, expectations, roles of men and women etc if one of you is from a very different background.appearance wise, i think subconciosly we seek someone with features in a ratio and proportion, and shape similar to our own regardless of race Theres nothing wrong with interracial dating in the slightest, it's probably very enriching.Blacks and Asians just aren't attractive to me, in general... Then again I suppose everyone's intitled to an opinion. This study explored the attitudes of MSW students (N = 147) toward transracial adoption and included an investigation of the students' personal experiences that may affect their attitudes.

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