Telephone dating system

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We can walk you through programming changes or troubleshooting over the phone or connect to your telephone system remotely (may require some setup). The Samsung Office Serv 7100 main cabinet package is equipped with the CPU, Power Supply, Voice Mail and System Operating Software. This card requires an available slot in the Office Serv 7100 main cabinet.

We also support Nortel, Panasonic, Vodavi and many other brands of telephone system. The Samsung Office Serv 7100 4DLM Module allows the Samsung Office Serv 7100 phone system to be expanded by 4 digital stations (i DCS 18D, i DCS 28D, i DCS 8D, DS 5021, DS 5014 OR DS 5007 digital phones).

This module requires an available slot on a Office Serv 7100 UNI Card.

Requires Software Version 4.41 Or Higher on the 7100 and version 4.45A on the 7200S.


If you would like a quote on a replacement for your Samsung Office Serv please contact us here or call us at 1-866-898-2303.

This card has been replaced by part number OS7400BSL3.

This board provides 16 ports for connecting analog telephones or devices to a Samsung Office Serv phone system. The E-Mail Gateway provides functionality to an authorized Mailbox Subscriber on either the SVMi-E, SVMi-8E, SVMi-16E or SVMi-20E Systems.

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