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Template for updating my database e mail

You can use that dynamic content when creating the email (pipe tools email templates) ou when setting it up in a phase (inside the phase's settings).

For this example, we'll use an email address from a customer database record as 'to email'. To access the email template's settings inside a phase, click on the 3 dots next to the name on the phase, then on 'edit this phase'. Once inside the email template set up page, scroll down until you find the dynamic content option; 4.

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We can use all the information in all the fields inside the 'customers' database as dynamic content, such as customer's name and email.

I was also easily able to do some styling on the input forms by adding its widget css into my child’s file and add and/or change some properties and values…

Thanks much for making this available and staying on top of it…

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Pipefy enables users to send automated email messages with dynamic content to customize the message and contextualize the customer.

Other than using information from fields in your pipe's phases, you can also use data from all the fields in a database record/card connected via a connection field.

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