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Driver Booster can be scheduled to automatically find outdated drivers.When new updates are found, you can easily start downloading them from inside the Driver Booster program so you don't need to go out to an internet browser to grab them.Because Win Zip Driver Updater is a PUP, it may initiate various unwanted activities on your computer, including slowdowns that can be noticed once you turn on your PC, pop-up ads that may try to redirect you to affiliate websites where its full version is sold, tracking of your browsing habits and similar activities.If you have been asking yourself “is Win Zip Driver Updater safe,” we must point out that it is.It will find the device drivers for the new OS and save them to a custom location, like a flash drive.Then, when you have the other Windows operating system installed, you can use the same tool to restore those OS-specific drivers so you don’t have to worry about finding the device drivers again.When you need to update a driver, you can see the full information on what the new driver details are versus the currently installed driver.

Resources: translation, documentation, issue tracker. However, there are hundreds of people claiming that the program has infiltrated their computers unnoticed and then started offering them to purchase its full version.In addition, they declare that they “can't remove Win Zip Driver Updater virus” from the system, no matter what programs they use for that.I checked the version numbers against the currently installed drivers and they all seemed to be valid updates. While the program does not pose any harm to users' machines, questionable infiltration techniques and continual pop-ups lead researchers to categorize it as an adware/potentially unwanted application.

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You can download multiple drivers at once for many different types of devices.