Updating airline technology needed dating etiquette 1950

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Updating airline technology needed

Another example of AR technology enhancing the airport experience is San Jose International Airport partnering with the Google Tango team for a trial of augmented reality technology in wayfinding, through airport retail promotions and even AR billboards displaying destination information.According to Jonathan Vaden, lead of the project Airlines are also starting to use the AR/VR technology to create delightful customer experiences for their customers.As the points get accepted as currency amongst varied partners, it can help airlines build a strong loyalty program for their customers.Building a robust data security system – With so many passenger records to maintain it is an uphill task for the airlines to manage and maintain the sanity and privacy of this data.

The report also indicates significant interest from airlines and airports in deploying blockchain and AI technologies. “A tender will be floated in a month to install the system at Pune, Varanasi, Kolkata and Vijayawada. Once it is found to be hassle-free, it can be introduced at other airports quickly.”Shannon Airport in Ireland has also deployed facial recognition technology, which will be used for U. S., after Aruba launched a similar program earlier this year.are recorded in real-time, virtually and is accessible to relevant people when the records need to be accessed. Some airports have already taken the lead in delighting their customers with the use of these technologies like: – The Gatwick airport uses AR to help passengers navigate the complex layout of the airport, and London City Airport has installed AR tech to help air traffic controllers with the vital job of keeping planes safe.All these details available at the right time without the chances of any error can improve the practice of maintenance, security and safety to new levels. Image source: Image source: Recently the Heathrow airport, one of them busiest airports in the world embraced AR technology to alleviate kids’ experience at the crowded airport.The operation of the airline industry has a lot of moving parts and require data sharing at multiple touch points from booking to arrival and even after that amongst multiple players including airlines, online travel portals, airports, immigration so on and so forth.Any leakage of the data through the entire cycle has the potential to not only diminish user experience and affect revenue but jeopardise passenger safety and security as well.

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