Updating kitchen wood cabinet doors

Posted by / 26-Jan-2020 04:13

Updating kitchen wood cabinet doors

Not only do simple and classic, by definition, have more staying power from a style perspective, but they are also budget friendly! Amazon, Target and Lowe’s all have awesome budget-friendly but stylish options. In my kitchen, I made light fixtures with wooden accents, which made the cabinets feel like a choice rather than what I was stuck with.Open shelving, in moderation, can also update the look of your kitchen.

A simple white would look awesome with the warm wood cabinets.

If you do have a window, make sure it’s getting its due.

If you have upper cabinets suffocating it, as I did, think about possibly moving or removing them – at least those closest to the window.

If you have an island you need to top, consider a butcher block top that would complement your cabinets.

If necessary, in this case you could paint just the island cabinets, but at least you’re not painting all the cabinets!

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