Updating land patent is radiocarbon dating perfectly accurate

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Even though the patents listed in The Land Patents™ are all found in the USA, not all owners are located there.

Relevant countries for owners are listed on the Browse Owners by Location page.

The community that developed here saw the challenges of not only farming in developing territories but constant raids during the Civil War.

Before Cade’s Cove was divided into homesteads, Cherokee Indians hunted in it for thousands of years.* While there were no large permanent settlements in the…

Fortunately, every Patent page also has links to the related owners near the bottom of the page. We have grouped owner names by first letter, last name, and full name.

This last grouping can include owners sharing the same name as well as a single owner which has, for one reason or another, multiple owner ids registered.

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The pool of water at the foot of this massive rock formation has sustained travelers for thousands of years.

Indeed, evidence of these passers-by remain in petroglyphs and carvings that are preserved on the rock face. Read more Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains are the historic homesteads of Cade’s Cover.

Located in Canyon, just south of Amarillo, on the West Texas A&M University campus, the museum is Texas’ largest history museum and a well curated survey of the region’s past.…

Read more In an otherwise desolate land, with neighboring locations so harsh as to be named El Malpaís (The Bad Place), El Morro is a stunning oasis.

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A lot of them did, so it is simpler and easier to understand that term, but some of these were agents, applicants, and the like.

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