Updating money is it real

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Updating money is it real

Bruce took his claim to court on the ground of breach of contract — and won.

You may wonder how they manage to find these low-key goldmines, but it turns out they have According to Ken Young, whose Ken's Toys shop was featured on the show, locations are scouted by producers in advance of filming.It was Wolfe who supposedly convinced Fritz to create a show about their work.is the way Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz haggle over hidden gems, which they later flip for a mega profit.If they find a place that looks promising, they don't send out Wolfe and Fritz.Instead, they send a representative (someone Young referred to as a "snoop") who looks around and decides if there's anything worth buying.

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Like any real-life business shown through the lens of a TV camera, fans have long questioned the authenticity of the show.

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