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One of the great things about WAMP is that it allows you to easily switch between different versions of PHP.

All you need to do is properly install the different versions of PHP for your machine.

Amazing that I haven't been able to find anything Googling this... What is the recommended procedure for upgrading PHP 5 on a Windows (Server 2003 / IIS 6) box? Its been awhile since I configured IIS and don't recall how you change PHP's directory, but I'd just add a new directory and change the pointer to it.

I imagine simply: stopping IIS services, moving/renaming the current /PHP directory, creating a new one with the latest version of PHP, and restarting IIS -- this should do the trick. One thing I'd suggest is separating you're ext directory so that different PHP versions can share the same extensions.

I'm using IIS, and that's the situation I'm asking about.

The old tutorial I found doesn't even mention configuring "If you are going to use My SQL you will need to make sure to uncomment the line extension=php_in and copy C:\PHP\LIBMYSQL.

DLL to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (Simply setting the PATH wont work as this is apparently hard coded in PHP5).

Worth noting that the 5.2.6 has a stack of improvements so that PHP runs a lot better on Windows than previously. I have downloaded and extracted the new version of PHP, and placed the folder in the root of the server. I can proceed as if I'm installing PHP for the first time...configuring IIS and the etc, but would like to follow best practices from someone who has done it successfully before me. I know I'd add the current path to my PHP532 folder. I know I have to configure IIS in Web service extensions. PHP entered as an extension, but I'm sure I must have to update the path the to new PHP5ISAPI. And in reference to using My SQL, this post in an old installation tutorial refers to ...

You may want to also look at upgrading to WS2008/IIS 7 as the new functionality in combination with the improved PHP support makes it a lot easier to host PHP applications. DLL, if that's what it's called in the new version, no? In a new installation, I'm directed to add an Application Extension in the Home Directory..again put the path to the PHP5ISAPI. Am I adding a new extension...probably just overwriting what's there, now? What, if anything should be configured differently between 5.2.5 and 5.3.2? IN the PHP5.3.2 folder there isn't even any file like this at all?

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Upgrading from a previous PHP version: Previous editions of the manual suggest moving various ini and DLL files into your SYSTEM (i.e.