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If you are using ssh to access your Free BSD machine, you would want to get root for your regular user before proceeding, because you access the VM as user and then you need to use su.

By default, Free BSD will give you sorry message, and to avoid that, use following command: And the ports will do the magic.

The Ports Collection contains directories for software categories.

Refer to the documentation for the shell for more information.For more information, refer to is a program that runs with increased privileges, a security warning is displayed as it is installed.Once the installation is complete, the prompt will be returned.The port does not include the actual source code, also known as a Before compiling any port, be sure to update the Ports Collection as described in the previous section.Since the installation of any third-party software can introduce security vulnerabilities, it is recommended to first check https://vuxml.freebsd.org/ for known security issues related to the port. This command can be configured to automatically perform a security audit and an update of the vulnerability database during the daily security system check.

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