Updating records in a dataset vb net Chennai x dating com

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Hi im having problems updating corrections from my VB. I get the following error: "Syntax error in update statement" or "Data Mismatch error in criteria expression" Here's the code below: Public Function save1stsemester() 'this code updates 1st semester records to database Dim ds As New Data Set Dim db Source As String Dim conn As New Ole Db. OLEDB.4.0;" db Source = "Data Source =C:\CGPA\e-CGPA Stat\e-CGPA Stat\bin\Debug\Scoredata.mdb; Persist Security Info=False" conn. Ole Db Connection Dim dbcursor As Integer = 0 Dim da As New Ole Db. Ole Db Command Dim msg1 As String Dim style As Msg Box Style Dim result As Msg Box Result Dim title, remarks As String Dim totalgrade As Integer = CInt(txt Total MK.

Text & "'" & _ ", [Tot-Grade-Point] = '" & totalgrade & "'" & _ ", [Tot-Credit-Load] = '" & totalload & "'" & _ ", [1st Semester GPA] = '" & gpadecimal & "'" & _ ", Remarks = '" & remarks & "'" & _ ", Flag = '" & failflag & "'" & _ " WHERE Mat No = '" & cmb MATNO.

Here is a sample using a parameterized query: Dim cmd Text As String = "INSERT INTO Customer(Name, Email Address) VALUES (? )" Dim cmd As Ole Db Command = New Ole Db Command(cmd Text, con) cmd.

That is one good reason to use a parameterized query, but hardly the best reason.

Then you add a parameter to your command for each one, in the same order they appear in your command string.

in the string to represent the values you will be replacing with your variables/textbox values.

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Bind variables are placeholders inside a SQL statement.