Utada hikaru dating 2016

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A reporter shared that there has yet been any announcement of her divorce from her personally and the reports going around are at most rumors that started circulating among some publications since March.

But the unconfirmed divorce date is part of the reason why this rumor is circulating.

On February 3, 2014, it was revealed that Utada was engaged to Calianno.

On the singer’s website, they explained that the two met while Calianno was working as a bartender in a London hotel.

The reporter mentioned above also suggested that it is hard to determine whether this is a case of extramarital affairs but that is still a possibility.

Utada has been one who tries to avoid media inquiries into her personal life by making public announcements whenever there are changes to her life of public concern before media reports.

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For now, it seems like he has a plan to open a Japanese restaurant in London.“Just by it being reported to the media in her hometown that ‘A normal young man marries a Japanese superstar,’ the qualitative differences between them is evident.

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