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Validating australian visa

This would be used as an optional document within the checklist but it is highly advisable that you submit it.

During the application procedure for the study permit, you would need to show the proof of funds.

Though you need brilliant academic scores to get admission in the top universities of Canada, your permission to study there cannot get validated without a study permit.

If you are willing to opt for a vocational, professional or academic training at any Canadian educational institute, you need to have a study permit prior to your entering the country.

This would give ample amount of time to the doctor for validating and uploading the necessary documents.

The photograph needs to be with a plain background, neutral facial expressions and no headgear (except religious reasons).

You require a letter of acceptance for the educational institution that you plan on attending.

The university needs to be a Designated Learning Institute which means, it needs to be recognized by the Immigration Department.

The study permit gets issued to all the students at their arrival in Canada.

One must keep in mind that s/he needs to first apply for Temporary Resident Visa that is given by the Canadian High Commission and is facilitated by Visa Application Centers.

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